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Omni High Gain Base Antenna


This Omni Directional Antenna increases your transmission range and speed when upgrading your Base antenna from the standard antenna.

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X-Series 4G Cell Base Multiple Carrier

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Telstra ready X80 4G Cell Base system transmits pictures or videos directly to your computer from anywhere in the world

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X-Series 4G Cell Base Multiple Carrier

X-Series 4G Cell Base Multiple Carrier

Telstra ready X80 4G Cell Base system transmits pictures or videos directly to your computer from anywhere in the world


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The BuckEye Cam 4G Cell Base system transmits pictures/videos directly to your computer from anywhere in the world. It can be set up to operate on the Telstra 4G cellular platform using a single data plan that allows you to operate multiple cameras all through a single cell base connection. The Cell Base can be left in the field and will operate off any 12Volt battery (not included) or you can leave it inside to run it off wall power (wall power adapter included).

Because the 3G/4G Cell Base operates off a 12V 75aH battery you can add a 12V 60w Cell Base Solar panel to increase your run time tremendously. The Cell Base can even be used as a standard PC Base at any time. It is extremely versatile! This means you can send as many pictures as you want from as many cameras as you want for one low monthly internet fee. The Cell base virtually turns the BuckEye Cams into 4G Cellular cameras without having a cellular plan for each camera. You can control all your cameras located in Queensland from your computer in Victoria. Just simply add the Cell Base and now you can control your wireless cameras from ANYWHERE!.

Most importantly, YOU control the Cell Base COMPLETELY from your computer that shares a high speed internet connection. Just install the software on the computer you want to run the Cell Base on and that's it! You are in complete control. All the pictures/videos are transmitted directly to your computer. You can also set it up to automatically email the pictures to anyone as well as set-up your very own “optional Live Cam” account. You can change the camera settings, check camera battery status, take remote pictures, add and delete cameras, basically control all your cameras from anywhere in the world.


1 x X80 4G Cell Base Station with 240v Power Supply. (Battery to be supplied by the purchaser. 75aH SLA Battery or equivalent is recommended.)

1 x Spring Buckle Strap
1 x 6' USB Cable
1 x Software USB
1 x Camera Antenna & 30' Cable
1 x Cellular Antenna
1 x 12 Volt External Battery Cable

12-Month Manufacturer Warranty

Product Details
SKU: 6170-3-MS1-I

Cellbase Battery Power Manual

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